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This page repeats some stuff, but I can cut and paste while I am making it, so it is easier to put new links on it. This is the place to find something on my pages. I have tried to put a date when I put in the pages, so it is easier to find what is new, although from time to time I get pictures or have corrections for old pages.

after 2006, the new pages will be hosted on the antpages (thanks Anthony)
The new home of Tom Grundy's trip reports
I hope that works out for everyone, I'd just stay here, but I am almost out of space, and the idea of linking to pictures elsewhere didn't work out so well. The only thing that is only here are the experimental message board and the "where is Tom now" section (which is horribly out of date).

Links in my web page

fake Joshua Tree moonrise photo
picture of moon
Smith Rock page (2002) (update 2005)
Teewinot trip report (2000)
Fall 2000 page
Gannet peak trip report (2000)
Cirque of the towers trip report
Baking a turkey in the ground
What's Tom up to archive
back to the main (tripod formatted page)
Potrero Chico trip report
Joshua Tree reports
Surf kayaking trip report
Yosemite 2001 trip report (with 2003 update)
Costume climbing pictures
experimental message board
2001 batchelor geologist picket traverse (7-2001)
White mountains traverse and boundary peak (8-2001)(photo 12-2004)
Unofficial 2001 summer Barcroft Page(8-2001)
Mount Tom Climb(10-2001)
Trips from fall 2001 (and spring 2002)(2-2002)
Trip to Canyon Tajo and El Gran Trono Blanco(11-2001)
Page about my trip to Asia in 2002 (getting better)
Page with pictures Mia took in Thailand while I was there
A broad tailed hummingbird
picture of moon
Page about climbing spires near Sedona (2-2003)
List of areas that I've climbed at (2005)(pic 10-2003)
Some Poi pictures (2005)
some new family pictures (5-2003)
some new friends and rogues pictures (2005)
some bishop pictures (5-2003)
The Needles climbing(7-2003) (pics 10-2003)
Bugaboos climbing trip(8-2003)(pics 10-2003)
Suck it up Princess (working)(9-2003)
Chain Reaction obsession(11-2003)
Festering in between climbing (5-2003)
What I did in December 2003 (2-2004)
gasoline prices
the Hueco Wanker 101 (2-2004)
Bishop 2004 Pics (4-2004)
Deepwater soloing at Clear creek, AZ (6-2004)
Bouldering at Priest Draw, AZ (6-2004)
Hiking up Mt. Humphreys, AZ (6-2004)
Volunteer building at Diamond Mountain (7-2004)
Flagstaff rainbow at sunset
picture of rainbow
Messing with paper adobe (7-2004)
Hiking Secret Mountain and Sycamore Canyon (7-2004)
Dirtbag climbing gear tricks (8-2004)
Palisades traverse (9-2004)
The Prow in Yosemite (9-2004)
Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite (9,10-2004)
Peter and Trintje Nydam - nephew and niece (11-2004)
Christmas Boynton Canyon hike (12-2004)
Snow in Flagstaff (1-2005)
Bishop 2005 (ongoing work) (4-2005)
Saline Valley Trip (3-2005)
Some random pictures of odd things (5-2005)
Practicing for the Cirque trip (7-2005)
Cirque of the Unclimbables Adventure (work in progress) (8-2005)
Squamish 2005 (12-2005)
The home of future reports (I ran out of space here)

People's Home Pages

Will's home page (my brother)
Anne and Dave's page (my sister and husband)
My Niece and Nephew's Pictures (warning: perilously cute, slow downloads)
My Mom's home page
Geoff's home page
Merrick's climbing pictures (New link 11-2003)
A different perspective of the May trip to Indian Creek
Julie de Jesus has a gallery with pictures from Bishop and Tuolumne (that I took)

Climbing Links

Rockclimbing.com (articles, forums, pictures...)
make sense of all that silly climbing jargon
Rockclimbing.com's dictionary of climbing terms
Kieth Turner's Rock Climbing Links
Rock and Ice Magazine
Climbing magazine
smithrock.com (Smith Rocks climbing site)

More links...

white mountain reasearch station
GORP, Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Poi information page
Terraserver aerial photos
boots and all (travel site)
vagabonding (travel site)
Weather Underground (weather forecasts)
Weather Channel? weather forecasts (10 day)
National Public Radio
Links to nationwide gasoline prices