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Indoors in Boston (December 2003)

What I did on my Christmas vacation, By Tom Grundy.

learning to Jump
(move cursor over picture for furious jumping action)

Tom and Peter hanging around
pic of Tom and Peter hanging around

I went to Boston with my parents and visited my sister's family. My brother came to visit too. We spent a lot of time inside playing with computers and little kids. Peter and Trintje were supposed to be able to talk by now, but they were more fluent in animal sounds than English. Their comprehension was much higher than their ability to speak legibly. Occasionally there would be clear words, but they often were not repeated, or like Trintje's "No, No, No" might mean yes, especially if accompanied by the "happy dance". They did improve while I was there though, and also got better at pointing out various people and objects when quized. They were especially good at locating the cat, but had some trouble identifying which one of them was Peter and which was Trintje. Often when asked where Peter was, they would both point at the other.

Most of the time it was cold and snowy, but there were a few warmer days where we got outside. We also were able to go outside briefly during nastier spells. The kids were intrigued by the snow, but didn't always like the results (slippery, cold and wet). If you have fast connection or a lot of time you can click on the flying Peter picture to see some pictures of them in the snow (and other places).

Trintje with Bonny's shoes
(on opposite feet)
picture of Trintje with Bonny's shoes
Trintje and Tom examine rocks
picture of Trintje with rocks