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Flagstaff Snow, Jan 2005

It snowed a lot, Officially 35 inches, but I don't think that much came down right here. It started out fairly warm and wet, so a lot stuck in the trees. I took a series of pictures, here is a before and after... Unfortunately I didn't get the "before" until it had been snowing a bit, and much of the snow that would be in the foreground is in the top of the tree. I made a time lapse movie that while not great cinematography does show the trees and bushes getting bent down and buried. There is supposed to be more coming in this afternoon.In addition there was a lot of rain about a week before this storm that would have been an awful lot of snow had it been a few degrees cooler.

picture of snow
picture of snow

When the wind first started blowing, there was so much snow in the air that all you could see out this window was the closest tree trunk and swirling snow.

I made a video by cropping from the other pictures, about one frame an hour from 2 one afternoon to 5 the next night with a big gap at night. It has also been changed to grayscale since there wasn't a lot of color anyway.
Quicktime video of crushed bushes (165K)