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Diamond Mtn

I drove down to Diamond Mountain (a Buddhist spiritual center) near Bowie AZ (SE corner) to help build with the flexible form rammed earth method (and gain experience). I didn't actually get to fill any bags, but I did mess around with looking at the soil, and made some mud-straw plaster and plastered the finished parts of a dome, and kicked around a lot of ideas. I also helped pour a concrete foundation, and set up the rebar for another foundation. (for a bathroom and a temple). I looked at a number of books and plans, talked to lots of interesting people, and went on some hikes... Anyway, the purpose of this page is for pictures, so here they are...

The dome when I got there
picture of dome
The dome when I left - all plastered
picture of dome
Expert mud squishing
picture of mud squishing
one day dried plaster and fresh plaster
picture of plaster
distant lightning at night
picture of lightning
obligatory insect close up shot
picture of wasp
smoke from a forest fire
picture of smoke
thunder head building at sunset with yucca stalk
picture of sunset

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