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More Rogues

This page is straight html, none of that tripod fancyness, and it allows me to cut and paste with wild abandon.

Help me out people, I need more pictures. This is a chance to embarass your friends or impress the gullible or whatever. So step right up. Better you send me a picture than I find one or take one of you...

Nandini is Skeptical of Brandon's bold fashion statement
picture of Nandini and Brandon
Tom and Ky in Yosemite
picture of Tom and Ky
Jen and Tom in Squamish
picture of Tom Jen
Jesse peers into a crevice
picture of Jesse
Ben, Helen, and Tom at a western party
picture of cowboys
Tom is slightly demented...
picture of demented Tom
Bonny and Pete Cat
picture of bonny and pete
Laura tied down to belay
picture of Laura
Brian takes photos from the top of Arch Druid
Nice face Tom. turn your head 45 degrees clockwise
thanks for the picture Jude
picture of Brian
Will does some climbing at Oak Creek Overlook
picture of Brian
Fraser summons his "ape powers"
picture of Fraser
Wookie relaxes
picture of wookie
Janet and an odd tomato
picture of Janet
A tired Andy on the descent from the Prow
picture of Andy
Tam scarfs some ice cream cake from Jamba
picture of Tam
now there is a Ky picture
picture of Reeve
Mr. Crab climbing above Tenaya Lake
picture of Mr Crab
Ranger Reeve at Tuolumne
picture of Reeve
First ascent of the
Christmas Tree
picture of xmas tree climber
Lisa and Cassius
(future rogue, I'm sure)
picture of Lisa et cassius
Tara actually seems to enjoy squeeze chimneys and offwidths
picture of Tara
see, she likes it
picture of Tara
Rocket, newest pit denizen
picture of Rocket
Dmitria is frightening
picture of Dmitria
Ted relaxes at the Happys
picture of ted
Skippy rides side door by the buttermilks
picture of Skippy
Blake pays the price for another HOT bite
picture of Blake