Archive of what Tom has been up to:

Just finished hiking in the Uinta Mtns (hiked up King's peak from the south side). Before that I was Climbing at Indian Creek UT (lots of vertical desert cracks). Before that visiting Will and Bonny in Flagstaff, preceeded by Hueco Tanks... Next up, probably Colorado. You get the idea, I travel, I hike, I climb. That pretty much sums things up.

6-9-00 I went to Dinosaur N Mon. and looked at bones. I drove through Rifle, CO but didn't climb (grrrr). I hiked and jogged up Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive (one long tiring day with over 8000 feet of elevation gain and 22 miles covered), then on to Breckenridge, CO where I am visiting Brad and Jayson (Friends who went to Texas A&M). This morning I went bouldering with Brad. We plan to climb this weekend, possibly at the South Platte.

6-12-00 Last weekend I went with Brad and Josh to Rocky Mountain National Park. There we hiked into the "boulderfield" by Longs peak. The next morning we climbed the cable route on Longs. This involved a lot of scrambling, some fairly steep snow, and one pitch of easy climbing except for about 5 feet which was really sketchy because it was covered in ice. Brad led that part to the relief of everyone but Brad. We also got some looks at the Diamond, the spectacular face on the NE side. We all agreed that a return trip to climb it is in order.
I have access to a scanner, so hopefully some new pages and pictures will appear here.

6-21-00 I climbed at Clear Creek in CO, and bouldered in Frisco. Then I drove to College Station TX for a wedding. Now I am in Arkansas on my way to St. Louis for another wedding. Then who knows, back west I suppose. I had forgotten just how hot and humid it is in these parts, especially when you are sleeping in the back of a pickup truck.

7-04-00 I am now in Lander WY. I went to the wedding in St. Louis, and got to see a number of relatives, which was nice. Then I headed through South Dakota past Lake Sharpe where I had done my thesis research. (It didn't look like the erosion controls that I was looking at had made much difference 7 years later. oh well). Then on to the black hills and some climbing in the Mt. Rushmore area. Then to Lander where I have been hanging out with other climbers, especially Kirk Billings, and climbing at Wild Iris (making my fingers tired). The 7th International Climbers Festival starts tonight, so I shall be busy with that for the next few days.

7-14-00 I survived the climbers festival ok. I didn't win anything major, but came close in the slack rope walking and tug of war competitions. (but rather than getting a rope, I fell off and got pulled into a baby pool of strawberry jello). oh well.
Recently I have been up at wild iris mostly climbing. I managed to redpoint "tomahawk slam" and "wind and rattlesnakes" both 5.12a. and make my fingers sore on a bunch of other stuff too. It has been fairly hot here recently, but it isn't too bad in the shade or when the breeze blows.

7-31-00 Still in Lander Area. just got out from a 4 day trip into the wind river range to the cirque of the towers to climb pingora NE buttress and wolf's head east ridge. (I hope to get a better report of this trip out). my time on the computer is up now.

Link to Cirque Trip Report Page

8-10-00 Just got out of a trip to the Winds to climb Gannet peak (13,804'). The hike in was definitely the crux. about 24 miles of trail plus at least a mile of large talus on the morraine. There will be a trip report for this one when I get the time.

Link to Gannet trip report

8-21-00 More climbing in the Lander area. Also a hike up Wind River Peak with Reeve and Ben (I'll try to tack that onto the Gannet peak trip report). They finally got some rain and cooler weather here.

8-25-00 Just finished writing up the Teewinot trip report (we climbed it yesterday). I suppose that is the news. Also some new pictures of relatives from a wedding got added.

Link to Teewinot trip report

9-1-00 Just returned from a trip to Sweetwater rocks (Split rock, Lankin dome, etc.). Like Enchanted rocks on steroids. We (Reeve and I) did a number of short crack climbs, plus a multipitch crack climb and a multipitch slab/face climb. It looks like a trip to Tensleep this weekend to do limestone sport climbing.

9-13-00 Still in Lander area. I went with a number of people to the Tensleep and Crazy Woman Creek climbing area over Labor day. Also a trip to Baldwin Creek the next weekend. Mostly just kicking around the area here though.

9-22-00 Just got out of the mountains. (a trip to the cirque of the towers). Boy was it cold. Snow and ice on the ground and rock one morning, plus in the shade all day. We escaped just in time (leaving a day earlier than we planned). It was snowing heavily as we drove by Wild Iris, and now it is snowing in Lander. It hasn't stuck to the streets yet, but there are a few inches on cars and trees. Time to head south, or maybe to Smith Rocks.

10-9-00 I stuck around Wyoming a bit more after the sun came back out. (climbed a bunch at Sinks and once at Baldwin Creek) plus a trip to Vedauwoo to climb cracks (some distressingly wide). Then I bit the bullet and drove to Smith Rocks Oregon, arriving the 8th. Now of course it is raining, and I am jonesing to climb. oh well.

10-16-00 The rain stopped, and I started climbing. Now my fingertips hurt after 5 days. I am slowly getting used to crimping the edges and the precise footwork required at Smith Rocks. I saw lots of Portland friends last weekend, but boy does it get crowded.

10-20-00 It is raining in central Oregon, but that is OK, I needed a rest day anyway. I brought my old vector shoes out of retirement, they seem to work pretty well on the tiny edges here. Since that I have managed to redpoint some harder stuff ("Heinous Cling" (.12a) and "Licensed to bolt" (11d?)) Hopefully I can get on some more new stuff with the same success.

11-7-00 It is getting cold at Smith Rocks, wet too. So, after a day or so in Portland, I shall be heading south towards Bishop, CA. with Matt Gordon. Last weekend I went to Winthrop WA. to the Sun Mountain Lodge for the wedding of Anna-Liisa Little and Brett Worrall. I got to see a few haverfordians there which was nice. The weekend before I was in Portland dressed as the "top rope hero" for a few halloween parties. I also climbed as him for the 31st much to everyone's amusement. (pictures eventually)
In climbing news I finally redpointed "latest rage" (12b) 2 sundays ago, and "dreaming" 12a R yesterday.

11-20-00 I am in Bishop CA. with Matt Gordon (and at times Geoff Jennings, Reeve Colflesh, and Leah Knowles), we have been doing a lot of bouldering and climbing. great rock, plus hot springs. very nice and sunny during the day, but cold at night. I managed to climb a V6 bouldering problem at the buttermilks. (really hard for me, there are lots of V4 and V3 I can't get up, and I never have gotten up a V5 or 6 before). plus today I onsighted a 5.11d sport climb (from Chocolate to Morphine). Really tiring, but I persevered. Tomorrow we will wander the desert looking for cool minerals.

11-28-00 Still in Bishop CA. The bouldering is good, but rest days are becoming more necessary as our bodies are effected by the hard bouldering. I managed to flash a V5 today at the Druid Stones though. For Thanskiving we baked a 19 pound turkey in the ground for 8 hours. It was absolutely delicious. Someday we plan to head to Las Vegas and Red Rocks, but there is so much to do here...

12-15-00 Departing Bishop today to head towards Las Vegas and red rocks for a few days before heading to Flagstaff around the 20th.
Bishop was lovely, lots of sun, great rock, hot springs, camping, and other climbers. I'll be back. Just before I left I even managed to send "ironman traverse" a V4 that stymied me until the last day.

12-18-00 Now I am at a huge library in Las Vegas. Not at all like Bishop CA. 2 Days ago we sport climbed in the black corridor and the gallery. Yesterday Matt and I climbed "Prince of Darkness" a 6 pitch 5.10 in Black Velvet Canyon. not too bad. today we are pretty tired and won't be able to climb hard. (not that we are able to fresh).
We are crashing at Kate's place, which is very nice, as this area isn't very dirtbag friendly (no free camping).

1-1-2001 Another freaking year, (or millenium if you count that way). I am in Flagstaff now at Will's place being familial.

1-29-2001 I left Flagstaff right before a blizzard, and skirted bad weather all the way to Austin, Texas. Now I am in Austin looking for beta (or rides) for going to Potrero Chico in Mexico. I think I will drive to Laredo and bus it from there.

2-14-01 Just got back from Mexico yesterday, now I am in College Station, Texas. I plan to write up the Mexico trip soon. But for now, I will just say that it is a cool place, with amazing walls, and a bit too much rain.

Potrero Chico trip report

03-07-01 I am now at Joshua Tree in Southern California. I visited with Rebecca in Dallas, Then a stop in Flagstaff, and on to here. I met up with Craig and Sarmeesha (check out their web page form the links page) and Kirk and Kate. We even got one climb in despite the rain (we got soaked walking back). they left this morning in more rain. Hopefully the sun will come out, the flowers will bloom, and I will get to climb. Stop by the Hidden Valley Campground and climb with me.

3-30-01 well, the rain stopped and the sun came out. I have climbed, and the flowers are blooming. Why haven't you stopped by to climb with me?
Lots and lots of crack climbing, with a bit of face and slab to keep me on my toes. my proudest climb was an onsight of "Coarse and buggy", an .11b crack/dihedral (if I couldn't stem it, I'd have flailed miserably). Plenty of other climbers on the "circuit" have been through.

6-6-01 Well, it has been a bit I guess, but the computer resources in Yosemite were lacking, and the one time I left the valley to e-mail, the library was closed on Mondays.
well, I got schooled the last few days at J-Tree, then went to Yosemite Valley, where I joined Team Bivy in the land of big cliffs, waterfalls, and tourists. I mostly climbed shorter things at Arch Rock, Reeds, and The Cookie Cliff. But I also managed two big walls, the west face of Leaning Tower, and The Nose up the middle of El Capitan. I tweaked my shoulder on the latter, and am hoping it will continue to heal. I am in Lake Tahoe now recuperating and resting. (and using the fast computers).

6-16-01 I have left the highlands and am now in Mill Valley. This afternoon I plan on bouldering on the beach. Tomorrow I plan on attending a Dr. John concert.

My Yosemite trip report

6-29-01 Now I am in Orange County CA. visiting Geoff Jennings. Here I have managed to do some sea kayaking, climbing, surfing, snorkelling (bust because my mask started leaking), and scanning (check out new pictures on the trip reports for Potrero, Jtree, and Yosemite.) Soon to go to San Diego then up to Wyoming, then Washington (I think).

7-30-01 Where does the time go? Well, I can tell you where I went. San Diego (surfing and climbing at Mt. Woodson and getting pre-tested for an altitude acclimitization study) then to Wyoming (Climbing and the International Climber's Festival and seeing lots of friends) then to Washington and the North Cascades for a 10 day traverse through the amazing Picket Range. (there will be a page for this eventually). Now I am visiting friends in the greater Seattle area. Soon to stop by Portland on my way down to the White Mtns east of Bishop CA for an 8 week altitude study. (I am to be a guinea pig)

10-9-01 It has been a bit, but I was unable to edit this particular page while in the white mtns. Now I am in Bishop trying to decide what to do next... Check out the Barcroft and white mtns. traverse pages.

Barcroft page

White Mountain Traverse Page

11-8-01 Back to Joshua Tree for a little bit of climbing in the desert. So far activities have included a climbing, biking, including a wide crack day, getting my butt kicked yesterday, and seeking out Samuelson's rock. I'm in hidden valley, come visit.

11-28-01 About to head back to Joshua Tree after a rather hectic few weeks that included trips to El Gran Trono Blanco in Mexico and Yosemite (rain) and the coast (rain) and some mountain biking by Santa Barbara. Then back to San Diego to visit and a bit of climbing at Mission Gorge.

12-22-01 Well, once again I am nowhere near where I was, I am in Needham MA (Boston), visiting my sister along with my parents. I got here by flying to Cleveland and driving through Philadelphia. Before that I managed a trip to Las Vegas, and some more time at Joshua Tree. Someday I hope to get some trip reports done...

01-02-02 Still in Boston, but soon back to Cleveland. I have managed to add a few pictures to the picket and white mountain traverse pages. Hopefully more soon. Happy New Year everyone.

02-01-02 I haven't been able to edit this thing for a bit. I am at Joshua Tree now. It has been cold, but mostly climbable.

02-06-02 I just completed a whirlwind tour to Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion with Marieke. It included too much driving, some excellent hikes and scenery, and one cold night. back in San Diego for a lung study now.

2-25-2002  I am leaving Joshua Tree heading towards Bishop CA and some bouldering and sport climbing. Eventually I shall be heading up to Oregon.

3-14-2002 I am in the Bishop area, camped out at the pit. I have been doing a lot of bouldering, a little sport climbing, and plenty of resting (because the bouldering is so intense).
Soon I shall be heading up to Oregon.

03-25-2002  Still in Bishop, but I am leaving tomorrow to head up to Oregon. I finally managed to feel like I was improving, and sent a few problems such as the hulk and Mr Witty (or is that the grotesque old woman?) . Next stop Bend, Portland, and Smith Rocks... See you there.

3-29-2002 I am in the Redmond library after a day of climbing at Smith Rocks with Matt. The climbing at Smith requires technique, sequence, and good feet. A bit of a change after some of the bouldering. Oh yeah, endurance too. Well, at least I have some power.
Nice weather, and heaps of spring breakers. It will probably be a total zoo on the weekend. We are off for some mountain biking soon.

5-21-2002  I am in Flagstaff now. I have been here about a week visiting Will and Bonny and Pete, and prepping for my upcoming adventure. That's right, I am off to Thailand next week (the 29th). So don't send me heaps of e-mail after that because I don't know how often I'll be able to get to it. I plan to climb in Thailand, (near Krabi), then visit Vietnam and Cambodia, then back to Thailand and who knows what else. Should be fun and excruciatingly hot and humid.

Here is a link to a rough page on this Asia trip with a bit more info and links

11-04-2002 I'm Baaack. In the USA that is. After 5 mostly excellent months in SE Asia, I am back in Flagstaff. Some serious web work is needed, and hopefully soon you will be able to get all sorts of pictures and trip reports on this "little" jaunt. Next I head to Cleveland Ohio, where I should be able to get around to some editing in between visiting with some relatives.

11-14-02  I am now in Cleveland Ohio after driving some 2000 miles across the country. Life consists of eating, sleeping, playing with, ignoring, or trying not to disturb babies... A nice break after travelling.

2-11-2003 I am in Flagstaff, and have been here for the last month plus a bit. A bunch of house and Pete Cat sitting plus some climbing in the area. I was lucky to have mostly unseasonably warma nd dry weather. Next stop Bishop, or maybe Joshua Tree. decisions, decisions.

2-12-2003 Looks like J-tree wins the lottery, see y'all there.

3-26-2003  Had a good time at J-tree. I managed to send a few long standing projects like leading "leave it to Beaver" (12a trad)  and sending "streetcar named desire" (v6?)
Next stop Bishop

4-8 (or so ) -2003  In Bishop Ca. Lots of bouldering and some climbing in the gorge. Slowly I feel that I am recovering some power and endurance. Other activities have included the hot springs, poi, and slack lining. Life is good when it isn't too windy and cold or cooking hot.

5-27-2003 I am in Santa Cruz right now having left Bishop for 2 weeks in Yosemite valley (where web page editing isn't going to happen). Lots of cool climbing after the first day of rain and snow. I shall be heading back to the valley after the barbeque this weekend. Last weekend was my Cousin Heather's wedding here, so I got to attend that and see various relatives and a few old college friends.

6-17-2003  Four Year on the road Anniversary!!!!
I climbed in Yosemite a bit, but it was really hot and buggy. Then there was a whirlwind tour to the eastside to climb at Owens River Gorge and then Tuolumne, then back through Yosemite and down to the Needles. These are spectacular and a bit intimidating. Lots of classic lines here though. I hope to have pictures to show eventually. I don't know what is next, Any ideas?

6-26-2003   I managed to tick an impressive list of classics at the Needles, I hope to have a web site up on that soon, hopefully with pictures. I managed to take a good whipper going for it on Don Juan wall, but emerged unscathed. Now I am off to Lover's Leap near lake Tahoe.