The Unofficial Barcroft 2001 Page

This page is for displaying pictures from the White Mountain Research Station (WMRS) Barcroft from the summer of 2001. The web access has been spotty, so don't expect anything too flashy. The "official" WMRS site can be found at A site made by a group of crazy Canadians who were here earlier can be found at Canadian site.

We are here at 12,470' for altitude physiology research (or to be guinea pigs).
Unfortunately the digital camera has been out of action ever since "they" took "our" computer away.

Picture of Tom working on the webTom works on this web page

Picture of crew on summitThe motley crew on the summit of White Mtn

Picture of BarcroftBarcroft from the North

Picture of Barcroft from eastBarcroft from the east (it is hiding)

Picture looking southLooking south from a knoll east of Barcroft

Picture of ClydeClyde works on his book

Picture of WendyWendy is not amused

Picture of Wendy and KarenKaren and Wendy in the kitchen

Picture of KellyKelly does a puzzle

Picture of BrianBrian writes data notes

Picture of Karen and ChrisKaren and Chris

Picture of KarenKaren

Picture of Karen grilling dinnerKaren grills chicken for dinner

Picture of doriDori cleans the microwave

Picture of Tom in labTom in the lab

Picture of Maarten and IvoMaarten and Ivo try to master the chart recorder

Picture of MaartenMaarten cranks some tunes

Picture of Maarten on PhoneMaarten smooth talks on the phone

Picture of controlled breathing studyMarieke undergoing a controlled breathing test

Picture of MariekeMarieke trys to get the computer to work

Here is a link to a story from a hike in the White Mountains... White Mountain Traverse Report (also known as Marieke's bad trip).

Picture of IvoIvo, Mr Cat Barrel himself

Picture of the Boom Shakalaka KingThe Boom Shakalaka King wins another cutthroat game

Here is a link to some animal pictures... Barcroft animal page

Here is a link to some worse pictures... Barcroft page 2