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Festering in City Park

A Lander climbing bum tradition

Here are a few pictures from rest day activities around Lander, mainly at city park. The formatting is messed up, but I am running out of time...

Slacklining and juggling (I can't really do them both at once)
picture of slacklining
Cooking Pancakes. (flowers courtesy of the Lilygren wedding)
picture of Pancake Tom
Dean, Tom, and Adam play hacky sack
picture of Dean, Tom, and Adam play hacky sack
Swimming hole up sinks canyon
picture of Swimming hole up sinks canyon

I went on a bike ride through the carrizo gorge east of San Diego (not quite festering). Plenty of spectacular scenery. here is a link... http://www.rainbowcyclists.org/carrizo.htm
Carrizo gorge trestle
picture of Carrizo trestle