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Anne's Art

Here are a few selections of prints created by my sister, Anne Nydam

To see a much better page of this fabulous art, you should take this link.

Anne makes these prints by carving the design into printing blocks of wood or rubber. These scans do not show the detail very well. She has made more animals (which are my favorite) as well as wildflowers, people, and buildings. Contact her with questions or requests. These designs may not be used or reproduced without Anne Nydam's permission.

pic of "One Hump or Two?"

"One Hump or Two?"
Edition of 8, brown on white,
9.5x7.5 matted to 14x11

"Six Views of a Cat"
edition of 5, black on white,
8.25x12 matted to 12x16
OOPS, you are too late, these are sold out. They are available individually for $15

The cat in question is Nightshade, only the egyptian cat is not a portrait, Nightshade is neither sleek nor elegant.
Individual cats are also available, and they are available as notecards.

pic of "Chameleon Meal"

"Chameleon Meal"
edition of 7, black on soft green,
9x8.75 matted to 12x12

These and many more works of art are available from Anne Nydam. Please contact her via e-mail at spamblockeradnydam@mediaone.net (remove the spamblocker)
or through the USPS at
Anne Nydam
44 Briarwood Circle
Needham, MA 02494

or call at
(781) 453-9323

Link to Anne's Catalogue

Picture of Rowe Quarry

"March 27, 1999"
edition of 15, black on white
9.25x12 matted to 12x16
This is Rowe's Quarry in Saugus, MA.

This print is scanned with a little better resolution to give a better idea of the detail.