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Tom's Asia Trip Page

Selling dried fish in Bangkok
pic of fish stall

I am back from an amazing trip to SE Asia. I visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

My basic itinerary involved heading down to Tonsai (near Krabi on the SW coast) for a few weeks and then meeting Jodi in Bangkok and visiting Vietnam for about a month and then Cambodia before returning to Thailand for more climbing. Then I went to Malaysia and Indonesia (Sumatra) before returning through Malaysia to Thailand. I met all sorts of interesting people and saw all sorts of interesting places. It was quite a trip. I have links to various subsets of this trip down below.

Here is a link to a page on my brother's site where he posted some of the e-mail updates I sent from Asia. I plan to slowly incorporate these into the web pages here, but I haven't finished doing that yet.

My updates from Asia

Getting it all on the web should be quite a job, but I'll start with a link to some people's pictures that include me and some of the people I was hanging with.

Chris Jones' pictures from Thailand
Joon Kim's pictures from Thailand
my fledgling Vietnam page
my Cambodia page
my Thailand Climbing page
Page with pictures Mia took in Thailand while I was there
Malaysia and Indonesia page
some passport stamps
if you want more passport stamps look HERE (LINK)
passport stamps

Here are some links to other people's sites

Page for Andaman Nature Resort (bungalows)
Tourism Authority of Thailand