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Rogues Gallery

Here are a few of my friends, relatives, and partners in adventures.

A link to a page with more rogues...

Tom, Anne, Will, Bonny, Marty, and Ken, December 1999.

pic of David Garcia stuffing his face

David Garcia samples the hot dogs in New York City.

Ward Breeze, smiling because he is climbing for the first time in ages. (at the Gunks)

Pic of Matt Gordon belaying on Dreaming.jpg

Matt Gordon belaying me on "Dreaming"

Marieke Pronk's picture

Marieke "Little Missy" Pronk at Rock Creek

I usually end up doing stuff by myself somewhere in the great outdoors though.

Pic of Geoff on a wall somewhere

Geoff Jennings on some wall somewhere.

Pic of Tom and Kirk on Devil's Tower, WY

Tom and Kirk Billings on the top of Devil's Tower, WY. Note the thunderstorm moving in.

No pictures yet, but I must acknowledge and thank the people of Lander Wyoming (and the people not of Lander that are there too). Especially the "city park" crew. Thank you Kirk, Dean, Amy, Andy, Ben, Steve, Shelly, Gina, Marty, Melissa (1 & 2), Adam, Daved, Jagoe, Peter etc. etc. Remember, "Every Day is a Saturday".

pic of Leah Knowles on corner crack

Leah Knowles on Corner at the Happy Boulders, Bishop, CA.

That is all for now