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What's Tom up to?

So, what is Tom up to and where has he been?

Go look at the archive of old updates to see what I have done.

What is Tom up to Archive page

7-5-2003  Leaving Lover's Leap after climbing for a weak. I am heading towards Lander Wyoming and the Climber's Festival.

8-5-2003  Lander has been fun, I spent a lot of time trying to climb at Wild Iris, I also went to the climbers festival. Now I am leaving these parts to head towards Squamish BC.

8-13-2003  After a week visiting in Seattle, now I am heading to Squamish (with a short stop in Vancouver on the way). See you there.

I am back in Squamish after a short but eventful trip to the Bugaboos. Lots and lots of rock here for me to climb. I keep running into people I recognize here. It is pretty fun, although I can do without the rain.

10-12-2003 Back in the USA after an extended Canadian Holiday to Squamish, the Bugaboos, and Skaha. But mostly Squamish. Lots of Bouldering, Trad, and Sport climbing, plus quality festering and loafing. Thanks to all the Squamptonites for a good time. Don't get buried in moss now that the rains have come.
In Seattle now, next stop Smith Rock.

11-18-2003 The weather has turned towards winter, I sent Chain Reaction, and it is time to head to Cleveland for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I leave Matt and Nanda's kind hospitality and begin a few butt-numbing days of driving east. hopefully between storms.

12-6-2003  Now I am in Needham MA with my parents visiting my sister Anne and Dave and the twins Peter and Trintje. They are insatiable readers, except they want you to read to them. The drive across the country was long but uneventful. I tried to go climb at the red river gorge but it was very cold, then it started snowing... After Thanksgiving we went to Philadelphia to see my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother, then up to here.

1-29-2004  On the road again....   I left behind snow and freezing temperatures, good food, family, and a warm bed to head back on the road.  I am now in Austin visiting friends. Time to get climbing.

3-24-2004 Oops, I guess I haven't been updating this recently (actually I tried a few times in the last week but couldn't). Anyway, I am in Bishop now climbing and bouldering. Going back in time I was in Escondido, Joshua Tree, Flagstaff, City of Rocks NM, Hueco Tanks, and Austin. Some of those stops were pretty brief. I am finally getting back into the swing of climbing hard, although I still don't feel that I am back to the point I was at last fall. A few more weeks here should do it though.

5-14-2004 Once again I am slacking in updating this. I have been in Joshua Tree looking at property recently. I put in an offer that was accepted on a place between J-tree and the west entrance to the park. So once the sale goes through and I get permits etc. etc. I shall try to build there in the fall once it cools down a bit.
I am in Flagstaff right now.

6-15-2004 I am still in Flagstaff. I have managed to climb at priest draw , Clear creek , and paradise forks. I have also been cat and house sitting, and doing paperwork for buying some property near Joshua Tree.

7-03-2004 Back in Flagstaff after a few days down at Diamond Mountain messing around with mud-straw plaster and other building sorts of things. There has been a hitch on the seller's side of the property sale, so I don't know how long that will take to clear up. It is a lot cooler up at 7000 feet than down in the lowlands.

9-19-2004  I am in Tuolumne meadows in Yosemite. I've been here about a month, with a trip to the valley to climb the prow on Washington's Column, and down to the palisades to do the traverse from Thunderbolt to mt. Sill (5 14000 foot peaks).
It is snowing now, but hopefully that is temporary. Lots of rock climbing to be done up here.

10-23-2004  Happy Birthday Earth. 6008 or so years old today (according to Bishop Ussher anyway)
I am back in Flagstaff for a root canal and visiting Will and Bonny and Pete. Next week I am flying to Cleveland, then on to Boston. I'll be back in the southwest in December.

11-12-2004  I am in Needham MA right now visiting relatives and not getting a lot of climbing or adventuring in, especially as it has started to snow.

01-07-2005 Happy New Year. I am back in Flagstaff digging out from the snow. Soon to head to Bishop I hope.

01-25-05  In Joshua Tree for some gloriously sunny weather. Now I am up to Bishop, with a stop at New Jack City to check that out. Hopefully things aren't back to the pattern of rain and snow.

4-25-05 Back in Joshua Tree after a long stay in Bishop where amazingly enough I bouldered a lot. Go to the links page to check out some of the stuff I did there. Soon I will be heading to San Diego and then flying to Boston to help babysit Trintje and Peter with my mom while my sister escapes to Tahiti.

05-11-2005 I am in Needham now watching the monsters, I mean angels. I just tried to fix a bunch of pages so they would look a little less messed up in internet explorer, probably a lost cause. My fingertips are almost finished shredding and I miss the rock.

8-06-2005 oops I have been a little negligent. I have been to San Diego, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Rafting the Kern, Portland, Smith Rock, and the trip in the NWT (Nahanni River and Cirque of the Unclimbables), back to Portland, and now I am in Seattle. Next stop, Squamish.

8-19-2005 I am up in Squamish now getting back into climbing and visiting and running into lots of people I know.

9-29-2005 The rains have come to Squamish, so after getting strong and sending some of my projects, it is time to head south for a brief stop in Oregon, then across the country to Nashville (wedding). Then I hope to get some glorious fall cranking in the Red.

10-09-2005  I am in Nashville right now, the wedding is over, and this afternoon I'll be heading up to Kentucky. The drive across the country was marked by strong NW winds, cold weather (snow and sleet across Wyoming), and high gasoline prices. I made a brief stop at Jackson Falls in Southern Il for a morning of solo toproping.

12-9-2005 After Nashville I climbed at the Red a lot 'til mid November
(Trip report link here)
, then on to Cleveland Heights and then Needham. I'll be back in Cleveland for the rest of the year.

2-28-2006 Once again, things are a bit behind the times. Well, After the holidays, I went to Florida to see the Pluto / New Horizons launch. Then I headed west to Texas, where I did some duplex work in College Station, then I spent a week in Potrero Chico, Mexico
(Trip report link here)
Then back to Austin for a week before returning to Potrero Chico in Mexico, which is where I am now.

4-2-2006 I stayed in Mexico 'til 3-31, getting a lot of good climbing in (see link above). Now I am in Flagstaff, AZ.

4-13-2006 I am in Bishop now, by way of LA. It seems rather cooler than I expected, so hopefully there will be plenty of good climbing and bouldering to be had.

5-07-2006 Bishop was fun, although not as nice as before they started charging at the pit. I am in Flagstaff now. I plan to head to Utah after a bit here...

5-31-2006 Now I am in Maple Canyon, Utah with Ted. We climbed a while in Flagstaff and then headed up here to climb on cobbles and get lots of endurance (we hope). Check out some pics here:
Geocities maple page

7-12-2006 I am still in Maple. lots of cobble pulling. I don't know how much longer I'll stay though.

7-26-2006 I am finally leaving maple. I sent my last few projects, and am leaving before I get too many more. The destination, Tuolumne Meadows. Cool temperatures and granite climbing. It should be quite a change, especially from the steep closely bolted sport climbing.

8-12-2006 Tuolumne and the Sierra were fun, and I got a lot of climbing in
Sierra 2006 page link
. Then at the end of Sept I went to Utah for some crack and tower climbing as well as arch hunting and measuring
Utah 2006 page. Now I am in Flagstaff, but tomorrow I am heading up to the AZ strip to prepare for a trip down the GRAND CANYON!!!

11-09-06 The Grand Canyon was Grand, Awesome, etc. Cool trip. Unfortunately while sorting my photos from the trip, my laptop hard drive crashed. I have been trying to recover data and order a new drive etc. That has delayed the trip report write up somewhat... Meanwhile, I am in Kentucky at the Red River Gorge getting pumped on steep sport climbs and a few nice trad lines too. I'll be heading to the Boston area for Thanksgiving in a bit.

12-16-2006 I have been in Needham MA since Thanksgiving. Visiting my sister and family, being indoors, trying to make my computer work again (hard drive crash), discovering my camera has died (the dreaded infamous Canon E18 error)... Its nice to have electricity, plumbing, internet, heat, family. I'm getting soft.

1-21-2007 Now I am in Flagstaff, AZ. I recently drove across the midwest just after the ice storms. Everything was covered in ice except the interstate pavement.

3-16-07 I am in Flagstaff, but later today I am heading to Indian Creek, Utah for some crack climbing schooling. I should be there 'til the 27th.

I recently drove south through Yuma to San Diego to go to Ky's wedding, then I came back past the Salton Sea. What an odd place that is.

4-05-07 Back in Flagstaff again after Utah. Check out the Indian Creek TR here .
I also participated in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of the Mace Mace TR here

7-08-07 I have been doing trips out of Flagstaff, including Enchanted Tower, NM , and Slot Canyons in Utah, Buckskin Gulch , Zion National Park , Climbing by St George, and Escalante slot canyons , and a trip to Mexico for some dental work. I also did some more work on microstock photo sales...experiments in microstock photography sales

Next up, a trip to Tuolumne Meadows...

This site is rarely editable by me, so that is why it is so out of date. usually I would say go to http://www.electricant.net/grundyman to see what I have been up to, but that site seems to be down for the rest of March and probably most of April 2009. I am in Flagstaff in March, probably heading up to Smith Rock in April.

In case you are wondering if this is the Tom you know, I grew up in Cleveland Heights, I went to Haverford and Texas A&M, and I have also lived in Bellingham and Portland. Now I live wherever my blue truck is parked.

Pic of me in my tent in the cascades

Here I am in my tent in the North Cascades, WA.


Mt. Shuksan, Nobody gets out of here alive, my current project.

A long hot shower after a trip.

This was NOT a favorite trip, although the picture is amusing. We were snowshoeing in the Olympics in Washington in the winter. It was supposed to be snowing, but it rained the whole time. Plus I forgot some food, and the rest was rancid... Needless to say, it wasn't the best trip.