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Welcome to Tom Grundy's web site!

This is the old Tripod formatted main page. All of the new stuff except for the "where is Tom now" (see links at top of page) is done with html and not the Tripod formatting. Take the link below to get there.

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Since this page is nearly full, from the end of 2006 and on, new stuff will be added to a new page, hosted by Anthony. The link is below. WARNING, site appears to be down for the remainder of March and Probably April 2009 too. Hopefully it will be back better than ever after that. Sorry.

2006 and beyond grundyman page

This site is designed so that I can post pictures and info for my friends, however anyone is welcome to read it. If you are going to get offended, injured, or otherwise annoyed, then please don't.

Another grueling day at the office (the pit, Bishop CA. Mt Tom Behind)

Take the links at the top of the page for some pictures or to see where I am now, or else go to the links page to get to my trip reports and more pictures.

OK, there isn't much of interest here yet, but I have added pictures and other interesting stuff about where I am and where I plan on going so that people can keep track of where I am. I am sorry about the background. sometime I will spend more time and make this site lower bandwidth. (except for the pictures).

Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site (if I ever add a guestbook). You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail! Unless you are a spammer, in which case I will Hate you forever.

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What's New?

11-1-00 New pictures added to Gannet, cirque, teewinot, and festering pages, plus climbing pictures.
1-19-01 Check out Fall00 page, new rogues, and turkey baking page (still not completed though).
6-29-01 I have a chance to play with a scanner. There should be some Potrero, J-tree, and Yosemite photos in the near future.
2-11-2003 New Sedona area climbing pictures (the mace). end of 2003 - new pages from Smith Rocks, Bugaboos, etc. follow directions below

Go to the links page to get to all the pages I made including the Asia pages etc. etc. links page


Usually new stuff is in the "what is tom up to" section, but I have a habit of changing things all over. so you just have to keep looking from time to time.

Pic of climbing a 5.11 at Mineral Wells, TX

Here I am climbing at Mineral Wells, TX.
(some 5.11 I never did get up)

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Here I am in front of South Twin in Washington. (during a marathon trip to climb N and S Twin)

Pic of me and S. Twin, WA