Merrick going hard for the throw on Toxic Happiness
picture of Merrick climbing

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Bishop 2004 Pictures

Once again thanks to Merrick and the miracle of digital photography, I shall be able to post some pictures from Bishop. Merrick will soon have his best pictures posted, so check them out when they are. Merrick's climbing pictures
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starting the drop knee reach
on the Gleaner
picture of Tom climbing
Topping out the Gleaner

picture of Tom climbing

The main draw of Bishop is the fantastic bouldering on various rock types at areas such as the Happy Boulders (welded tuff) and the Buttermilks (granite). I was finally able to send "the gleaner" which had stumped me last year. Merrick and Greg were strong from a period in Hueco Tanks and were tearing things up. There were plenty of other strong climbers sending all sorts of problems. I also did some climbing in the Owens River Gorge, although without Merrick, I have no pictures.

Of course we didn't just climb... We also got to sample some of the many amenities Bishop offers. Swimming in the frigid Owens River, soaking in the wonderfully unfrigid hot springs, wireless internet surfing at Kava coffee, and the highlight - camping in the pit. The pit offers many amenities including slacklines, fire pits, flat spots, portapotties, trash removal and recycling, live music, and gourmet dining. One night after a dinner of smoked salmon and rainbow chard in white sauce over pasta, we were treated to some wonderful violin music under a bright nearly full moon. Ky even tried to play along with my harmonica.

Kylan playing by moonlight
picture of Kylan playing
Kylan and Tom trying to play a violin - harmonica duet
picture of Kylan and Tom playing

Another night there was a live band playing at the pit. I also did fire poi a few nights.

Fire poi in the pit
picture of fire poi